Drug Forum Rules

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These forums will be used for topics on experiences, first time help, addiction treatment, and all other discussions relating to drugs. Manufacturing and growing how to's are also welcomed.. It is suggested you keep all topics hypothetical and not admit to any crimes related to your discussion on drugs. The contents of this section are meant for informational purposes only. 


1. In this forum there will be no illegal drug selling or buying. This forum will not be used as a platform for drug deals and anyone found doing so will be banned indefinitely. This is a discussion forum, not a planning with intent to commit forum.

2. Judgement is highly discouraged. 

3. Follow main forum rules and Vice forum rules.

4. It is your job to make sure your advice and knowledge is backed by facts and you aren't providing incorrect information that could potentially hurt another if followed. Don't make suggestions without research and first hand knowledge! Proceed with caution advisories are always great to add into your suggestions!

5. VicePub takes no responsibility for your actions. Anything you try and do following information found here is at your own risk.

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