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Refer a member, win cash - Now till March 5th

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Hello everyone,

We've decided to open up a referral program. We are trying out new ways to populate our forum and grow forum activity. We are offering incentives for our members to recruit active members.

As we dip our toes into the water we will be starting off with a prize of 25$ to the member who refers the most amount of active members.

Q, What qualifies as an active member? A. An active member is a member who registers on our forum and participates in posting. There are no use for people who join the forum with no interest. Having an empty account on the forum does the community no benefit. Each member referred to the forum must make a total of 5 posts. These posts must abide by forum rules and will not count if they are considered spam.

Q. How to I invite a member? A. The link is in the drop down menu on your account name:


If you create multiple accounts to try and boost the amount of people you've referred, we will be able to tell. Not only will be be able to tell from your ip address, we have other systems in place to flag duplicate members based on cookies and browser data. If you are caught breaking this rule you will be permanently banned.

We will announce the winner of this contest on March 5th, so you will have two weeks to invite active members to our forum.

If for some reason you are not given a point from a members registration, contact me and I will get it sorted.


Below we will keep track of the points our members have. It will be updated daily.

Referrer Leaderboard


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I think something is wrong..

I just sent 1 invitation to @noblesse but when I checked my referral tab, it looks like this... 


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I got the mail and I was wondering how to go about inviting people because I didn't know about the referral link, will work with it now, hopefully, I should be able to bring in friends because the community has universal topics, by the way, is this contest still on

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This event is still going on. It seems we have a few members who are tied, so I am unsure who to give the reward to. 


The only thing I can think of is to reward the first person to 5 referred members. Right now the most referred is 1.

Remember, to gain a point the person you refer must make 5 posts. Recommend they start with an introduction and then respond to topics in categories that interest them.


25$ to the first person who refers 5 members, sounds fair, right?

I will extend this contest by 1 more week, so regardless if the 5 members are met or not, I will reward the member with the most referred members.

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