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  1. Where there is desperation, dejection, despondency and feel like hapless, that soul (pl refer to an individual human being) will keep on searching to gain some kind of respite. Here comes our so called "false/fake religious gurus" saying themselves as God. And these false/fake gurus exploit the very innocent and hapless human being to their satisfaction. I would humbly say that if a man/woman able to understand and accept that this life is nothing less than an gift of god, they will not try to become or act like God.
  2. As the topic itself is alien to humankind, I believe we are wrongly calling outer multiverse brother/sister as alien. Let us assume that 65 million years ago, a living thing called DINOSAUR was there in our own earth and today we know about them only because of growth of science and technology. Likewise in the coming centuries our own future generation will develop new technology to take us faraway from our home earth and we will end up not finding any aliens to our sight. My personal conclusion away from any current or future conspiracy theories, we will stay alone.
  3. I would rather simply go through the evolution of Mankind and other living beings, it could be the Chicken only first. Whether one can quote from known religious scriptures or any scientific publication, a living creature is must to produce an offspring. Hope this topic never see retires until the humankind exist.
  4. I sincerely have a doubt and need clarifications from our members. Is the global warming is because of transportations or large scale industrial development in the last century? Long time ago, under the UNITED NATION banner, all major Central Governments come together and formed the so called United Nations Climate Change Council. They had the Kyoto protocol, Paris Agreement. We are taught about the green gas emission, Ozone layer penetration, etc. The governments are talking about shifting to bio gas in place of fossil fuel to reduce the air pollution for healthy living. Hope that as the children of Mother Earth will find a sustainable solution for a better living future for our own grand son, great grand son and great great grand son.