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  1. Satan and Sam Shay is a short story that we tackled in our English literature class in high school. It is one of the literary stories that I liked because of the humor. Sam Shay is an extraordinary gambler that he even challenged Satan to a wager. And since Sam is really good when it comes to gambling he won the bet and Satan was very disgusted. With his power, Satan monitored Sam's every move particularly his gambling that Satan would do everything in his power to make Sam lose. And wise as he is, Sam started betting against the positive so that the positive wins. For an occasion that needed sunshine, Sam would bet that it will rain and Satan will stop the rain. And it came to pass that Sam always loses to Satan but for the benefit of mankind.
  2. I had witnessed in the province of my uncle not only the penitents during one Holy Week but also the crucifixion of several penitents. From what I understand, there are several types of penitents. One is the most common type of penitent who whips himself. Second is the penitent who carries the cross but no whipping. And third is the penitent in a costume that imitates Christ who is whipped by another person and later on would be crucified with 4-inch nails on the wooden cross. However, the crucified penitent stays on the cross for only a minute then he is put down and released. Yes, it is bloody and not a wholesome event.
  3. In the olden days, the wrist watch is important to people especially those who have a busy schedule who needs to know the time from time to time. But in this digital age that we all have the smart phone or even the old style phone, who needs a watch? The phone which you hold all the time can give you the exact time. So what is the purpose of wearing a wrist watch? To be honest, I have many wrist watches that I wear alternately and depending on the occasion. I know that it's just like a jewelry because the smart phone can give me the time so the wrist watch is not much of use regarding the time. How about you, do you still care to wear a wrist watch?
  4. The latest movie of Jackie Chan is now in the theaters - Bleeding Steel. This is a science fiction about a young woman who was the subject of an experiment that deals with longevity. Jackie Chan is a special agent assigned to protect the young woman from the bad elements who are out to obtain the power of the young woman. There is a similarity with Chan's previous movie The Foreigner which was also in an action genre but a serious one. I miss the humorous stunts of Jackie Chan that I hope he would make another movie just like the good old days with his funny characters.
  5. Hello, everyone. I am a from the Philippines, in the province of Rizal where delicacies abound. I have been with forums for more than 3 years but that doesn't mean I am a veteran already. To be honest, I am still in the learning stage and I enjoy every bit of it. And I'm sure some of you may have seen my name in other forums.