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  1. I would prefer regular employment because there is security in that. I do work for a company on a regular basis but I am considered to be freelance or an independent contractor. It is both good and bad, It is good because I can work as much or as little as I want, and bad because I don't have access to benefits that regular employees would have..that I don't like!
  2. I usually post on one of my social media accounts sometimes before I even get out of bed. Even if I don't post, I will be reading comments of others and sometimes responding to them. I am just curious what happened overnight. It is just one of the things that I do.
  3. I only had the experience of being disoriented when I ate some MJ brownies one time. I had to go to work..and was trying desperately to hold it together. I don't know, the whole drug scene never appealed to me much. Too many unknowns. I would rather stick to legal drugs ie alcohol.
  4. I don't play but I enjoy watching American football. It is is really the only sport that I follow. I enjoy swimming and have played pickleball. That is a fun indoor activity. There are a few sports I enjoy watching either in person or on TV.
  5. The Throne

    That is kind of cool looking, but one question..what will you do with it? Is it just to admire? Will you trot it out during Game of Thrones to admire it? I like crafts but am not too crafty, it has to be something pretty easy for me to do..and even then it might look pretty bad.
  6. I like coffee. I drink it primarily in the morning, but any time in the morning or afternoon will do. I also enjoy tea. I would be asking for trouble if I drank coffee at night though, so that is something I do only if decaf is available.
  7. Yes, I think money motivates most of us. We need money in order to live, and in general the more you have the better unless it gets to a certain poing where it is too much, then it is just ridiculous. I think we do a lot of the things we do to get money.
  8. I think humor and kindness are the most important things, but not necessarily in that order. I think it is important to choose people who are kind, but funny. Boring people are no fun to be around and I am a person who likes to have fun. It's very important to me.
  9. I would say raising a successful son. I am proud that he has made something of himself and is generally a good person. He is doing better in life than I am, but I am the one who provided the majority of his care in the early years of his life so I think I have the right to be proud.
  10. Actually, I have been using a chromebook which is not really a laptop. It is functional, but I am going to be swtiching to a windows based laptop.. The chromebookcan't be used for everything, and it has some screen damage so it is not the best thing to be using at this time. I am gonna fire up the laptop today.
  11. I don't think so, but there was certainly a massive flood during biblical times. I guess some research would have to be done on this to see if it was as catrastrophic event as the bible foretold. I am not sure that it was. I really couldn't say for sure though. It is up for debate.
  12. It can make me cry, but I wouldn't say it does on a regular basis. That is one thing I think peole like about music is its capacity to move us and make us feel things. Music is good from that perspective. I think it is one thing we really can use in today's world.
  13. I am about to have some coffee now. Thanks for reminding me. It gets my day started off positively with a warm beverage. There is really nothing that I like better than coffee so it is something that I can really get behind and drink every morning. Nothing is quite as good as coffee.
  14. I use a laptop, tablet and smartphone. They seem to be the most useful to me. I think they are some of the best tools we have for communication and they are so useful to have as well.
  15. This is one that I might watch sometime. It depends how long it stays around whether I will see it in the theater or not, but it sure sounds like a film that is enjoyed by just about everyone who sees it. I am all for Black Panther, and will watch when I ge a chance.