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  1. That's really great to know @gavinci13. I have also done the same thing with my washing machine. It was given to me actually by a friend leaving the country years ago. I have repaired it a few times and i was wondering if i can make it a semi automatic configuration. Although it's still in the planning stage i think its doable... Great to know that people are starting to do the DIY thing...Its really fun, informative and will save you a lot of money if done correctly.
  2. Thanks @gavinci13, it's great to know that there are people here that appreciates and also do upcycling / recycling like me. I just recently started writing my works and i'm really having fun. Although it really takes a lot of time finishing my work from creation to writing, it has been fulfilling for me specially the writing part. I am not a good writer , but i am progressing... i think . I love new ideas, collaboration with other DIY peps is new for me but it's interesting.. i love to hear what you have in mind.
  3. I love MJ's smooth criminal, mainly because of the beat of the song. I have been listening to MJ since i was a kid and smooth criminal was the first song of MJ that catches my attention. The official video is also unique at that time and a hit...
  4. Amazing how this people use politics and media for the expense of their country men. I'm really not in the position to comment on who's responsible or who's to be sided but the fact that there is war there and people are dying....they should do something and fast.
  5. Thank you @kgord , well i just did it because i enjoy doing it. There's nothing really to it, crafting keeps me busy and it the same time enhance my creativity. I made this craft because i want it to be a cool Throne theme ashtray, so i'm using it as an ashtray. Well everyone can be creative, even you... you just have to put your heart into it....
  6. Hi guys, Games Of Throne Fan? i made this one out of different materials like an old toy chair, sticks, cement , and air dry clay. Along with cigars and some coffee i finished this thing a couple of weeks ago. I only have a few pictures to show it because i was too busy doing it that i forgot to document it. It's the Throne with an ashtray . Here is the assembly process...guess what? i painstakingly formed the sword individually and it took me a dozen of coffee and packs of cigarette to finish it. I use spray paints for the colors and some formed cement for the base and the ashtray. I just made the two parts individually the ashtray and the Throne, i use some measurement just to make sure everything fits. After the two is finished and cured. I just put them together with a super glue. I put final touches on the color just to make it more like the one in the show.... At the end of it, i was quite fulfilled with the i have my kickass ashtray.. Have a great day guys!
  7. A news article said that some of these pictures are edited and purposely made to make funds. What a shame, on these article they found out how the pictures and videos are made. The article claimed that the videos and pictures are then send on social media portals to promote donations. These donations are said to be funding the same movement that creates havoc to this country. How can they do that? this is very disturbing! I have no copy of the article, but i remember it is from a news organization from the U.S. I don't know if its true and i hope its not.
  8. My family has been with dogs for decades, which sums up my choice. Although i have nothing against cats, i just prefer dogs because of my experience with them. My family has been preserving bloodlines of our dogs, this means all the dogs we have at home comes from dogs that have been in the family ever since. We love our dogs they are family to us.
  9. Attitude is social behavior, nowadays people are more cautious on choosing who will they interact with. Its not how you look or how smart you are, its about what is your personality. This now a requirements in employment, business partners and even friends. Well for me its a good thing, to know that people are finding content more valuable than the appearance.
  10. For me money specially from earnings is the result of your perseverance and not a motivation. Motivation for me is how you keep on going doing what you love, with or without earnings or money. Money is just a tool for me, it doesn't have to be your motivation.
  11. Coffee addict here, anytime of the day. I usually consume 3-5 cups of coffee a day. I usually drink after some work or just to think about things. In the summers i consume iced coffee to fight the heat. Coffee is brain booster for me, specially when it comes with a stick of cigar!
  12. I don't have a particular song to motivate me, but i have a favorite sound that i always keep on playing from time to time. I always play this specially when i want to have a more active mood. It keeps my head banging and my fingers twitching. Although it is an old sound, i still love's cannon rock.
  13. Lately i have been seeing these photos about whats happening in Syria. I was not happy at all, i think these people specially children's deserve the right to live and to live a life. I'm also really confused on whats happening there, how it ended up like that. Can someone brighten me up?
  14. You can make anything out of everything...that's how i see things. Whenever i want to throw something i always go for a second look and see its potential. Want to make a multiplier USB lamp? get your trash and here's what you need... 1. pc Glass or Plastic jar (anything transparent) 2. Old USB cable 3. 100k resistor 4. An old LED flaslight or pin light (we only need the LED) 5. any materials for design 6. Coffee and desert ( victory materials) Instruction: First you need a base material for your jar. You need an opening on the middle where you can attach the LED lamp. What i did is formed a round shaped base from cement. Have some space on the middle put the led lamp on it. You also need a hole through your base for the usb cable . Before we start assembling the Jar on the base, first connect the LED to the usb cable with the resistor to protect the LED from power surge. You only need two wires from the cable so you better check the polarity of the LED . You need the red one to the positive side and the black one to the negative side. Attach the jar to the base using glue. Let it dry....after drying put your choice of decorative materials. Anything goes, just use your imagination.I used some transparent stones and glitters. Use glues that are transparent when dried just to make sure that the light will get through the materials embedded. After wards, make sure that the whole thing sturdy and stable enough for some vibration and a little shock. You can use any USB power supply available at your home as long as it does not exceed 5v output. You can also connect it to a loptop or desktop USB port. That's it! your usb multipurpose lamp. I use it on my room holding some pens and other things. And now enjoy your coffee and desert Have a great day guys!
  15. RE0 was a great hit, i remember playing it on PS for long hours. But of course like any other game after a while you get tired of it, somehow i stopped playing it and didn't even care about the other versions. I like the movie though. Somehow its like a sequel to "The Walking dead"