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  1. Wow, that's one huge tattoo and I think that's Depay's back right? He is a former Manchester United player who now plays for Lyon in French League. I would know his body structure anywhere I see it in the world because he is my boy even though he doesn't play for us anymore. This his tattoo looks very intimidating.
  2. I think I'm in support of this your opinion, it covers just about anything the husband is expected to do for his family. After taking care of 100% responsibilities in the family and still keeps monthly allowance for the wife to use as she sees fit is an A+ home management in my book. The issue of wage payment after all this is extortion in my opinion if I'm to use such word.
  3. I think that Lionel Messi actually exploited T. Courtois weakness of shooting in between his legs because it's where he is very vulnerable. The goalkeeper was actually scored in that same fashion against Crystal Palace they played before their match against Barcelona. So, I'm sure that Barcelona and Messi watched that game which was why Messi scored in the same way twice in the match.
  4. If drugs are good to your system, it's best to say away from it because it's definitely going to do you more harm than good. Just like alcohol, there are some people who can drink a lot without getting drunk but there are some who would take just one bottle and they would be knocked out immediately.
  5. Well, I respect your opinion about the medicinal effects of marijuana because it does have good benefits as a pain relief but that doesn't change what happened to me or making it all lies. You can as well look up the information on this article and be well convinced that what happened to me was actual truth. Please help yourself out by reading this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-19696/Cannabis-cause-insanity-scientists-warn.html
  6. The humiliation of Chelsea football club at the hands of Barcelona in the round of 16 second leg knock out match is just summed up in this picture and Lionel Messi is the architect of Chelsea's downfall .
  7. What's your thoughts on this quarter final Uefa Champions League draw? Which teams do you think would progress into the semi final? My pick would be Barcelona, Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich.
  8. To be honest with you, I'm would say that 90% of every human being that walks this earth lives for the money except for monks. I don't think I can last a day without money because it's definitely what makes me take care of my needs and responsibility. I work more than one job and have a personal business I run just to have more than one source of income, I'm not including side investments that I have which pays me on monthly and some annual basis. Money is good.
  9. I'm yet to watch this movie Black Panther but I have followed it quite well on YouTube and social media pages especially on Facebook, I have read a lot of reviews on the movie and so far, they have been very wonderful. The movie is yet to come out online for free downloads, so it's practically what's still keeping me from watching it. I can't go to the cinema to watch it, if not I would have been through with it a long time ago.
  10. Football manager 2012 has been my favorite of all the football games that I have ever played. I'm still playing it till today with my laptop and I'm not sure if I'm ever going to quit playing it. Playing season in season out gives me lots of fun that sometimes when I was still a teenager, I would be stuck playing it a whole day without even taking my bath. I have played top eleven football manger but the game is too demanding and addictive, so I had to pull out of it because I don't want get into what I'm not going to be able to take to the end just like I did with playing Football manger 2012.
  11. I noticed that about not seeing a cluster of Blues fans within the close proximity of the stadium in Camp Nou. I felt it was something odd because it gives too much advantage to the Barcelona club in exploiting the fans noise against their opponents in psychologically affecting their performance. This wasn't the same case when Barcelona played at Stanford Bridge in the first leg.
  12. Even though Chelsea played well at home against Barcelona, but with the scoreline at 1-1 in favor of Barcelona with away goal, I'm always convinced that Barcelona is going to beat the Blues at home in Camp Nou. Tonight's match was a complete humbling that was given to Chelsea by the Spanish club. The scoreline ended in 3-0 and 4-1 aggregate but it could have been a lot worse.
  13. You are right about these heartbroken music. They are so depressing that it would ruin one's whole day because it's going to put your mood off and out of equation, making sure you lose complete focus and wallow like a clueless entity.
  14. Mmmh, it's only heartbroken music that has the power of putting tears in my eyes because of the emotions it would be cooking up in me when I'm listening to the lyrics of the song. I try as much as I can not to allow myself wallow in breakup music because it only do me harm than any good at all. I think that the reason why christian worship songs makes you cry is because you are probably attached to the heavenly dimension and you being human is the reason why your eyes are filled with tears without your noticing.
  15. I think that one's purpose with the gadget determines the one such person is likely to be choosing from the two. Personally, I have both a PC and a laptop computer and they are used for different purposes. My PC is mainly used for my gaming activities and programs because it serves me excellent and exceptionally good. But when it comes to my freelancing jobs, my laptop is the best for my task. It affords me the freedom to work from virtually any where and not being fixed in one place. I also enjoy playing my audio music more using my laptop but movies are best watched on the PC.