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  1. Just live the life you've really wanted no matter what it takes!

  2. Ever since I really love dogs no matter what. Since I was a kid I took care of dogs with different breeds. I don't know why or I don't know how but every time I see dogs I feel connected to them. I feel sorry for those dogs that have bad owners or very irresponsible owners. That's is why I really signed the petition about the Yulin Festival in China because month of June is coming now and I really hate it. Every time I see someone beating or killing the dogs it ripped my heart so much. One of my goals is to put up a shelter for dogs even for cats and put up or build a non government organization that would help to rescue dogs and give them a new life to live.
  3. Before we only have two options, beauty or brain and most of the answer is Brain of course! Now let's make it more interesting, Between the three of these beauty, brain or attitude which one do you prefer? For me, I'll choose attitude. Believe it or not I will really choose the attitude no matter what because nice attitude reflects the beauty of a one person. Brain can be taught or knowledge can be taught but attitude no, unless the person really wants to change with all her/his heart. how about you? what will you choose?