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  1. Yeah I just read an update about this case, the police investigated the incident and said that the woman stepped out unexpectedly into the intersection. So I feel like it's more of an issue of how to incorporate the chances of human behavior, choices and error into autonomous technology--which seems like quite the issue to tackle. I deal with consumer choice in the sense of economics but damn even that shit is esoteric and incredibly conceptual, I can't imagine trying to devise autonomy that recognizes random possibilities and outcomes like stepping out onto a crosswalk unexpectedly.
  2. The first pedestrian death caused by a driverless car occurred last Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona as an Uber autonomous prototype collided with a woman at an intersection. An article from the New York Times is included if you'd like to peruse the story in more detail, but there are many takes on this incident from a variety of news sources that I encourage you all to investigate. What do you guys think? Self-driving technology still has a long way to go clearly, but I don't think this should be as much of a setback as many people think. Hundreds of people die in auto crashes a day in the United States, perhaps autonomous vehicles won't completely eliminate that statistic (as evidenced by this story) but maybe at a larger scale, self-driving technology can actually reduce the amount of motorist deaths. What're your guys' thoughts?
  3. Love Fortnite, one of my most played games currently. It gives me some nostalgic vibes of old Minecraft PvP and hunger games-esque servers that I used to play on a ton back when I was younger.
  4. Space may be the final frontier, but it was made in a Hollywood basement...
  5. Hold up fam... I am a proud member of the watch gang and you all better watch it (haha get it?). I wear a watch daily not only as just a fashion statement (while it is a nice accessory) I do actually still use it more than my phone to check the time. It's just still more convenient to tilt my wrist up and look down than reach down into my pocket and fish my phone out. Plus, I honestly feel like we need to be relying less on our smart phones than most people do today. It just breeds this inherent attachment to these powerful computers at all times of day... who knows what sort of disconnection this trend will continue to cause in the future?
  6. Super dumb, I think. Art is subjective, it's pointless to lament over the details a certain artist paints in a certain portrait. Plus, it most likely needed Obama's approval--then again, he is a troll.
  7. Psilocybin mushrooms don't generate an odor, do they?
  8. Favorites

    I'll go first: this is so incredibly hard for me as I listen to so many different kids of music and my tastes change often, but I'd say my favorite all-time genre is jazz and artist Miles Davis. I suppose it's only fitting as a jazz musician.
  9. Favorites

    It might be one of the hardest questions to answer for some, but if there was a gun to your head and you had to pick a personal favorite genre and artist, what/who would it be?
  10. There's so much shit in the game now I can't even believe it. Nowadays I'll log on to the Xbox One edition and just ignore half the items. I get growth, but the beauty of Minecraft was its inherent simplicity and they kept adding complexity.
  11. Dislike this kid's whole persona so much that I refuse to watch any of his videos. I don't understand how there's people in this world who look up to this dipshit and buy merchandise from him.
  12. The nail I just broke was quartz, I love the taste but I have a tendency to break them as they're very fragile under certain temperatures and I live in a pretty cold area--plus they get pretty dirty. I figure I'll try out a TI nail and if I'm unimpressed probably go back to quartz.
  13. I always found this the most unintentionally comedic aspect of RPG games--that the player character can literally stop time to shuffle through their belongings and inventory. I suppose it mostly exists because of accessibility, ease, and engine limits but it's a hilarious concept to illustrate nonetheless. Loved the video for sure.
  14. I feel you there, I hate the whole "offensive" speech thing, like words only mean whatever meaning you assign to them and I don't get why I can't be free to use whatever language I want whenever I want. But people with bad intentions use certain words in a spiteful and hateful manner and ruin it for the rest of us who just want to swear and not spread hate.