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  1. I read about this yesterday. There was a safety driver behind the wheel with the capabilities of intervening. Neither him or the self driving car caught the error. That goes to show that some accidents are just unavoidable.
  2. I think a lot of you are misinformed. Depending on culture, tattoos may be widely accepted. For us in the states, tattoo's are quite common. When I see someone with a tattoo, I don't equalivent that person with prison. A lot of people use tattoos as an expression. Some display art while others display quotes and lyrics that have meaning to them. I personally have tattoo's myself which are artistic pieces. Tattoo's are becoming more accepted in society. Please don't fear us whom wear tattoo's. Most of us are just ordinary people who live originary lives. Just because I display some ink on my body doesn't make me an ex-convict.
  3. Marijuana doesn't have the affects that you have described. I don't think you were smoking just marijuana. Perhaps your joint was laced with something that has harsh side-affects? I have grown up smoking marijuana and witnessing other youth grow up the same. Not once have I ever witnessed someone tear off their clothes and become violent. You are misinformed on the side affects of marijuana. It is a great plant with many medicinal properties. I call bullshit on your story and advocacy against marijuana.
  4. Welcome to VicePub, glad too see another new face around here.
  5. A lot of great points were made in this video. Having been a long time player of Ark, I have witnessed a lot of the shit that has happened within this games community. Early access of this game were the golden days, now this game is full of cheaters whom suck the fun out of the game. To make things worse, the developers aren't doing much to solve this issue either. This is the result of what happens when you don't listen to your fan base, your project starts to die. I'll miss the golden days of Ark, I only see it continuing down hill from here. RIP ARK 2018.
  6. Makes me want to get into VR myself.
  7. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your extended responses. :)

  8. Spaghetti, burgers, fries/potatoes, steak, sushi, crab legs, Mahi-mahi, stuffed shrimp, macaroni, burritos, 7-can soup, Rigatoni. That's just off the top of my head. I like food.
  9. Cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, planes, you name it! Post your vehicles below.
  10. @uyai This event is still going on. It seems we have a few members who are tied, so I am unsure who to give the reward to. The only thing I can think of is to reward the first person to 5 referred members. Right now the most referred is 1. Remember, to gain a point the person you refer must make 5 posts. Recommend they start with an introduction and then respond to topics in categories that interest them. 25$ to the first person who refers 5 members, sounds fair, right? I will extend this contest by 1 more week, so regardless if the 5 members are met or not, I will reward the member with the most referred members.
  11. @Kiwinumber7 does RP. I think he does LOTR and possibly D&D. @DelusionaL does RP as well, but that's if you can get him on a day when he isn't busy.
  12. I don't think it's a preferred means of transportation, I think it's more so working with what you've got. If you've got a vehicle then most surely you're going to prefer that over riding next to some strangers on a bus. But if you have no vehicle and public transportation is your only means of transportation, then you're going to be stuck working with that. I most definitely prefer using my vehicle over a bus or train.
  13. @arcenic18 Please use the multi-quote feature when responding to multiple people, that way it'll group all responses into one post. Thanks!
  14. The legend Mel's Hole AKA "The Devil's Hole" goes back decades, if not centuries. It wasn't until 1997 that the public became aware of it's existence. A brief history of the devils hole: Mel Walter's Hole - 80,000 feet deep? (Image courtesy of Wildlife and resurrection: Unnatural properties and nameless creatures The government now guards the hole: Who is Mel Walter's? Maybe Mel Walter's is just an alias to protect his identity? If this hole is to be true, and men in black guard it's entrance, it only makes sense that all record leading to Mel Walter's is erased. Also, there was a geologist that claimed an 80,000 foot hole would be geologically impossible. But if the facts of this hole were to be true, it's supernatural characteristics which already defy all logic would make sense. Spooky, what do you think? This would be a debate whether supernatural exists. If you believe in supernatural stuff, then maybe this hole could be real? I personally do not believe in the supernatural, but I do think this is an excellent read!