Forum Rules

1. No trolling will be accepted. If you go around flaming and starting arguments you will not last long here.

2. Pictures of porn/nudity are not to be posted on the forum. The only time this will be accepted is if it is posted in art and even then it's at the discretion of a staff member/the community to decide whether it's appropriate or not. If you feel like someone is violating this rule please report it immediately.

3. Multiple accounts will not be allowed on the forum whatsoever. If you are found with another account it will be banned. If you feel like you have a suitable reason to have a second account you may discuss it with an admin/mod and if given a strong enough reason, you may be accepted to have one.

4. Do not compromise another members privacy. Posting of private messages, chats, and personal information is unaccepted. DOXing is not allowed. If you break this rule you will be permanently banned.

5. No spamming. Consecutive posting (Example: 10 posts in 3 minutes) is not allowed. If you are making quick posts to boost your post count you will be locked from your account as a warning, and then receive a ban. If you are not contributing to topics with your responses don't bother to even post. We do not like post whores.

6. In this forum there will be no planning of illegal activities. This is a discussion forum, not a planning with intent to commit forum.

7. Follow all rules that apply to a category. If posting in a section you will find a sticky thread at the top of the forum.

8. Use common sense.

9. Racism is not welcome. Please keep those opinions to yourself. We are all equal here, if you can't respect that then leave.

10. Do not advertise other websites. If you are spamming members to join your website, or excessively posting it's links on the forum, you will be banned. You may post links in threads that contribute to the threads.



Forum Guidelines

1. No short threads (one word responses, a photo, or just a video). Make sure you're contributing to the forum with a topic that'll engage conversation. Try and keep a short thread to a minimum of three sentences.

2. Try and use your best English grammar possible. It is difficult to try and understand poor grammar. Some poor grammar may be considered spamming.

3. Make sure you are not offering advice that can harm others.

4. Respect your fellow members.

5. Do not act childish. Our members are expected to be mature.

6. No double posting. If you respond to a post with a quote, do not respond below with another. You may multi quote, the feature is there for a purpose.

7. No low quality posting to gain post count, we have a no tolerance policy on this. 

8. No poll posts "Cat or dogs" "This or that".