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  2. My favorite music comes from India. I often listen to music like Bollywood ringtones
  3. Where there is desperation, dejection, despondency and feel like hapless, that soul (pl refer to an individual human being) will keep on searching to gain some kind of respite. Here comes our so called "false/fake religious gurus" saying themselves as God. And these false/fake gurus exploit the very innocent and hapless human being to their satisfaction. I would humbly say that if a man/woman able to understand and accept that this life is nothing less than an gift of god, they will not try to become or act like God.
  4. Hi, hello I am new here and I would like to know how this forum works? and what are the things needed here aside from I already read the rules of this forum. I just want to know if there is a mean you can earn money by posting ,commenting or replying in some of the community forums here. Anyways I am an engineering graduate and I hope that I will learn and heard from the members per se what is this community forums all about. And in the same time I am so excited to read some forum threads and reply to those using some of my humorous , encouraging post that hoping everyone will get in touch and connected and relate the way I did as I read your forum threads. Sorry if there is a lot of question runs thru my minds now and I am hoping that someone will answer me .. Thank You!!
  5. I like pop music. I think pop music is changing a lot over the years. Music In 2018, the music scene changed dramatically. There are many young singers who are creating a lot of inspiration for the fans.
  6. Yeah I just read an update about this case, the police investigated the incident and said that the woman stepped out unexpectedly into the intersection. So I feel like it's more of an issue of how to incorporate the chances of human behavior, choices and error into autonomous technology--which seems like quite the issue to tackle. I deal with consumer choice in the sense of economics but damn even that shit is esoteric and incredibly conceptual, I can't imagine trying to devise autonomy that recognizes random possibilities and outcomes like stepping out onto a crosswalk unexpectedly.
  7. I read about this yesterday. There was a safety driver behind the wheel with the capabilities of intervening. Neither him or the self driving car caught the error. That goes to show that some accidents are just unavoidable.
  8. Hello,

    My name is Backwoods but my friends call me Woods. I am a first-year college student pursuing a degree in computer science and business. I'm always here to help if any is needed just send me a Private Message and I'll get back to you soon.

  9. The first pedestrian death caused by a driverless car occurred last Sunday night in Tempe, Arizona as an Uber autonomous prototype collided with a woman at an intersection. An article from the New York Times is included if you'd like to peruse the story in more detail, but there are many takes on this incident from a variety of news sources that I encourage you all to investigate. What do you guys think? Self-driving technology still has a long way to go clearly, but I don't think this should be as much of a setback as many people think. Hundreds of people die in auto crashes a day in the United States, perhaps autonomous vehicles won't completely eliminate that statistic (as evidenced by this story) but maybe at a larger scale, self-driving technology can actually reduce the amount of motorist deaths. What're your guys' thoughts?
  10. I think a lot of you are misinformed. Depending on culture, tattoos may be widely accepted. For us in the states, tattoo's are quite common. When I see someone with a tattoo, I don't equalivent that person with prison. A lot of people use tattoos as an expression. Some display art while others display quotes and lyrics that have meaning to them. I personally have tattoo's myself which are artistic pieces. Tattoo's are becoming more accepted in society. Please don't fear us whom wear tattoo's. Most of us are just ordinary people who live originary lives. Just because I display some ink on my body doesn't make me an ex-convict.
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